Selling Organic grain is easy on FarmLead. The Marketplace allows you to highlight the specific qualities of any grain you wish to sell - whether that is organic, non-GMO, or chemical free. If your grain has any additional features worth noting, please make sure to mention it in the posting. The more information you provide in the posting, the more likely you are to make a deal.

Posting Your Organic Grain

To post Organic grain, start to Post New Offer and select the type of deal you are looking to make. In the Special Quality section available on the next screen, select the "Organic" indicator.

Searching For Organic Grain

In order to search the Marketplace for organic offers, select Organic in the search parameters. To do so, click "Special Quality". From the dropdown, select "Organic".

Click Apply and then select the Magnifying Glass icon to view all Organic posts on the marketplace. Organic posts are differentiated with the Organic indicator shown above.


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