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My Watchlists is FarmLead’s free notification service that alerts you about new postings matching your search criteria. FarmLead watchlists allow you to keep an eye on postings that you are most interested in on the Marketplace. 

They also allow users to get a sense of bidding and asking prices as well as demand activity for various types of grain in a given area. 

A Watchlist can be set to search for grain in specific areas, for specific grades, and specific prices. Notifications are sent to you when new commodities that fall within the parameters that you set become available on the Marketplace.

When you signed up for FarmLead, your first Watchlist was automatically created for you based on the crop preferences you selected. If you did not designate your crop preferences, a default Watchlist was created for All Offers within 250 miles of your location.

How to Create a Watchlist

1. Log in to your FarmLead account and select “Marketplace” from the top navigation bar.

2. Select the search criteria that you are interested in. Hit the search button.

3. Select “Add to my Watchlists” to save this Watchlist.

You will now be notified whenever a new offer is posted that meets the criteria you selected in your search.

How to Access a Watchlist

To access any of your watchlists, you can navigate to My Watchlists by either: 

1. Selecting “Marketplace” in the top navigation bar and then clicking “Watchlist”.


Clicking the top left menu icon and then selecting “My Watchlist”. 

2. You are now on the Watchlist page and will see a listing of all searches that you have added as a watchlist. These get displayed in the panel on the left.

If you want to see postings from a specific search, you can select it from the panel.

If there are postings matching your Watchlist, they will appear in the listing section.

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