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You always have 100% control over your grain when it’s posted on FarmLead.

Posting your grain on the FarmLead Marketplace makes it visible to hundreds of credit-approved Buyers and thousands of farmers. This article will outline how to post your grain to the Marketplace.

Posting your grain on FarmLead does not lock you into a sale; it simply indicates that you’re interested in negotiating a grain deal.

You are only committed to selling your grain once you are happy with all terms and click Accept to complete a deal.

How to Post Your Grain For Sale

1. In the navigation bar, select “Post New Offer”:

2. Select the type of offer you wish to make, Firm, Negotiable, or No Price. For more information on what goes in to each of these offers, scroll to the bottom of this article for video tutorials.

Only use Firm offer if you are strict on what terms you are looking for. When just starting on the Marketplace, we strongly encourage you to just post Negotiable Bids.

3. Select the offer type:

4. Enter all Commodity details:

5. Click next, and then enter all Movement details:

6. Enter all Pricing details:

7. After entering a price, you can see the Total Deal Value and choose payment options:

8. Upload any Specs and Comments:

These could be pictures of a grain sample, a load ticket, or PDFs
of any test results, as well as any additional comments about your grain’s quality, or the type of deal you’re looking to make.

Click Next.

9. In the Summary section, adjust the “Offer Valid For” period. This is the time period during which your posting will remain on the Marketplace. If you would like it to automatically repost, keep the checkbox selected.

Selecting the “Automatically Repost My Offer” option will ensure that your offer gets reposted to the Marketplace if you don’t sell or buy the grain within the“Offer Valid For” period.

Simply select "Post" and that's it! You've posted to the Marketplace.

Types of Offers

Here are three videos that go more in depth on how to post the different types of offers on the FarmLead Marketplace:

Negotiable Offers

Firm Offers

No Price Offers

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