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Making a Formal Offer

When agreement is reached, a Formal Offer or Bid may be made. A Formal Offer is a confirmation with the counterparty indicating the terms that will be included in the binding contract. If you make or accept a Formal Offer or Bid this means that you agree to the terms proposed by the Buyer or the Seller. When a Formal Offer or Bid is accepted, the grain deal made on FarmLead is binding. 

To make a Formal Offer:

1. In the Negotiation Room, click the "Make a Formal Offer" button.

2. Based off of discussions you had with the counterparty, enter the appropriate details and click "Make Formal Offer."

Countering a Formal Offer

If you receive a Formal Offer or Bid that you do not agree with, you can counter it by making one of your own in which you propose the terms that you would prefer. To do this, access the posting through My GrainDeals > Open Negotiations.

1. Click "View Details" to show the Formal Offer.

2. At the top of the pop-up, you will see two options, "Accept Offer" and "Make Offer Back". You can make a Formal Counter Offer by clicking Make Offer Back.

3. You will now see the details of the Formal Offer that was made to you. Modify the details that you would like to change and click "Make Formal Offer". 

The two final steps can be repeated until both the Buyer and the Seller are comfortable with the deal. This can be done on both For Sale and Wanted offers.

NOTE: If you select "Accept Offer", this finalizes your deal.

View this tutorial for Mobile

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