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The Cost

When you successfully sell on FarmLead, you will pay a small connection fee. This only happens when both the Buyer and the Seller agree to the negotiated terms and a deal has formally closed. The connection fee is paid to FarmLead by both the Buyer and the Seller. 

Both parties are charged the FarmLead Connection Fee of 1 cent per bushel traded. 

FarmLead charges according to a single formula, regardless of the type of grain or commodity or its grade or specifications.

When to Pay Your Connection Fee

Connection Fees can be paid at anytime between the deal’s acceptance and closing of the contract. Closing the contract means that grain has been delivered, the grain Buyer has paid the Seller, and the deal is complete and without any disputes. If you haven’t paid your Connection Fee by then, it’s fully due and we appreciate prompt payment.

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment can be made to FarmLead by a mailed cheque or by credit card. Credit card payments can be made by phone or by accessing your open connection fees through the Payments section on the My Grain Deals page. 

We recommend that you pay your Connection Fee online.

How to Pay Your Connection Fee Online

1. Click "My Grain Deals" in the navigation bar. 

2. Select the "Payments" section.

3. You will see a listing of all the Connection Fee payments you have yet to make in the "Payments" tab. You will also be able to see any payments you have previously made in the "Ledger" tab.

4. Select Checkout on your Offer.

5. Proceed through the online checkout to pay your Connection Fee. 

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