To ensure that you never miss any activity on your postings on the FarmLead Marketplace, it is important that you set your notification preferences. Notifications can be received through email, SMS text, or the FarmLead app. Notifications are sent to you when:

  • You receive a message from a user who is negotiating with you
  • A user makes a formal offer to you for your grain or bid
  • You complete a deal
  • There is a new posting on the Marketplace that matches your Watchlist criteria
  • One of your postings has expired is was automatically reposted or requires you to repost it if you are still looking to make a deal

Modifying Communication Preferences

Communication preferences can be modified in your Account Settings.

1. While logged in to the FarmLead Marketplace select the "F" menu > Account Settings.

2. In Account Settings, select the Notifications tab.

3. Modify your communication preferences by selecting or deselecting the appropriate checkboxes and click "Save Changes".

Email Notifications

We do everything on our end to make sure our emails don’t end up in anyone’s junk-mail folder, but to be 100% sure that you always receive our notifications, you should add to your trusted sender list. This is also known as whitelisting. 

Adding someone to your whitelist is easy.

For more information on how to whitelist emails from read our Help Article: How to Whitelist FarmLead.

SMS Notifications

You also have the option to receive notifications via SMS. To enable SMS notifications, follow the steps in Modifying Communication Preferences and ensure that you select “Notify me of my FarmLead grain deals by SMS”.

NOTE: Watchlist notifications are not available via SMS at this time.

App Notifications

If you have downloaded the FarmLead app, you can adjust the notifications you receive on your device in your phone’s settings. 

Enabling notification on iPhone:

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap Notifications.

3. Select FarmLead.

4. Toggle the "Show on Lock Screen" switch to on.

5. Toggle the "Show in History" switch to on. 

This will ensure that FarmLead notifications will show up in your notification history in case you chose to dismiss them at first.

6. Toggle the "Show as Banners" switch to on. 

This will ensure that FarmLead notifications will show up as banners on your phone.

Enabling notification on Android:

1. Launch Settings on your Android device.

2. Tap on Apps.

3. Look through the list and select the FarmLead app.

4. Scroll down to App Settings and tap on Notifications.

5. Slide to the on position to allow notifications from the FarmLead app.
This will ensure that you receive all FarmLead notifications.

Please note that if you are signed up for both SMS notifications and App notifications on the same smartphone, you will effectively receive the same notifications twice -depending your preferences, you might want to choose either one or the other.

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