Your Account Settings ensure that you can view postings and use the Marketplace according to your preferences. Account Settings include the indication of whether you are buying or selling grain, your default location, your default units, as well as your shipping cost estimates.

Modifying your account settings may affect certain things on the Marketplace:

  • Changing your user settings to Both or Buy Grain will require that you go through our strict Buyer verification process. You will not automatically get Buyer rights on FarmLead.
  • Changing your default location will alter which postings you see by default on the Marketplace page. You will always first see postings closest to your default location.
  • Changing your units will change the unit settings across the marketplace. All postings that you view on the marketplace will convert to this type of unit. You can also change units on individuals offers.

How to Modify Your Account Settings

On Web

1. While logged in to the FarmLead Marketplace, select the "F" menu > Account Settings.

2. In Account Settings, select the Settings tab.

On iOS

1. Tap the Menu icon from the bottom bar. Select "Account Settings" from the list.

2. Select the "Settings" menu item from the list

On Android

1. Open menu in top left-hand corner.

2. Select Account Settings from the menu.

3. Select the "Settings" menu item from the list

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