The biggest change on the platform will appear when you close a deal. 

Negotiation Feedback

After a negotiation has ended, both customers will be asked to rate their interaction with the counterparty with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, and can leave compliments based on a thumbs up or creative criticism for a thumbs down.

Feedback and comments are a way to give respond to the quality of the negotiation. Only you can see if another user has left this type of feedback. 

Post-Deal Star Rating

After a deal has been completed, delivery done, and both parties have validated that the contract has been fulfilled, FarmLead will prompt our customers give detailed feedback on the entire deal lifecycle.

Users are now able to rate the process out of 5 stars. We also ask four specific questions and encourage users to leave public feedback (things that went great) and constructive comments (things that could be improved on) for their counterparty. 

The post-deal feedback is the main driver of the 5 star rating system and it is entirely based upon your interactions with the counterparty. 

Check out this video for a visual explanation.

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