1. To participate in the FarmLead referral program, referred users must click the provided link to be considered a successful referral. The person being referred must use that link to sign up for the FarmLead Marketplace; otherwise, FarmLead will not be able to track your referral and you will not get credit for it.
  2. To count as a successful referral, the referred user must A) Not already be a registered FarmLead user; B) Complete their profile; and, C) Be associated with a unique farm and be the person in charge of grain marketing.
  3. There is no limit to the number of people a person can refer.  
  4. If you and another user refer the same person, whatever link is clicked on first gets the referral.
  5. The program is tracked through a third party system called InviteReferrals
  6. The referral bonus will be reviewed before being awarded at FarmLead’s discretion.
  7. Payment will be made within 30 days of the referred user’s sign up and when a deal is closed by the referred party.
  8. Payment will be made by electronic fund transfer. You will be contacted by payable@farmlead.com in regards to payment.
  9. Questions or concerns? Let us know how we can help: email us at  payables@farmlead.com or reach out to your customer success rep.

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