FarmLead has introduced a new referral program! Invite a new farmer to the Marketplace and once they get on the app and complete their profile, you could get $50 cash. And when they close their first deal, you'll get another $50! 

Q. What’s the catch?

A. They must be a new user and run their own farm.

Q. How many people can I refer?

A. How many farmers do you know?! The referral is unlimited! Doesn’t matter if you refer one farmer or 100, you get $50 for every successful referral.

Q. How do I refer someone?

A. Login to FarmLead - go to your Account Settings. You will see a new button marked “Invite User.” 

Click on it to see how you can share your referral code. 

The new user must use your link to sign up for FarmLead or we won’t be able to track it. 

Q. Where is this button you're talking about?!

A. It's in account settings, but you may not see it because the app needs an update. Make sure you are using the latest version - update it in the App or Play Store.

Q. When do I get paid?

A. FarmLead will review all referrals and contact you when you have a successful referral, within 30 days. Payment will be made electronically. When the referred party closes their first deal, payment will also be made within 30 days.

Q. Where can I find the full list of terms and conditions?

A. Here's the full list of terms and conditions. 

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